Chicago PD season 4 episode 22 review: Did Lindsay go too far for justice?

Chicago PD season 4 episode 22 reviewThere was an ripped-from-the-headlines element to Chicago PD season 4 episode 22, mostly in one sense: This story took on someone killing via streaming video. It’s horrifying enough that there was a murderer out there, but that only escalated further when you saw just what they were willing to do in front of however many people who were interested in watching.

The more that Intelligence looked into it, the more that it looked like the killer was someone who went out and murdered pedophiles — while also being a pedophile himself. He was a self-loathing pedophile, out to kill other people while presumably committing the sick act himself. From here, the challenge quickly became trying to find the right way to implicate the right person.

Derek Robbins was the name of a child that went missing at the center of this, and the team certainly thought that they had the right suspect. Let’s just say that what happened from here proved to be chaos.

Will Lindsay and Halstead work together again? – Tonight, Lindsay spent the bulk of the episode working with Upton while Halstead was clearly spiraling. While the two ladies worked well together, Lindsay was starting to get concerned Bunny’s new boyfriend and some odd behavior patterns. This case was also taking a huge toll on her.

In order to get the location of the missing boy, Lindsay took a page from Voight’s book and attacked the suspect violently. Unfortunately, she committed this act of police brutality at the wrong time. One of the superiors came in, caught her, and when the dust settled, it looked like her job could be in jeopardy. All of a sudden, this story became about more than just Lindsay and Halstead. (Jay and Olinsky ended up finding the boy, but he was tragically already dead. He had been dead for a good duration of two hours, so there was nothing that Lindsay could have done.)

Overall take

Chicago PD delivered a heck of a good case tonight, and one that seemed to set the stage very well for the finale. We got to know the characters even better, but it was in the midst of a descent into darkness. We don’t know who Lindsay is going to come out of this okay, given that she is set to see the review board in the wake of her attack on the suspect. She did have some nice encouragement from Voight, so at least he is on her side, right?

This episode, heartbreaking as it was, also proved to be extremely compelling to watch, and one of the stronger episodes of the season. Grade: B+.

Preview the Chicago PD season 4 finale

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