Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 11 review: Is Jack’s son back?

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 11 reviewGiven that Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is a show that doesn’t have a whole lot of serialized story threads to it, we will take a little victory wherever we can. In the instance of tonight’s new episode the one update that we had to related to Jack’s son Ryan.

In the midst of a case that took the team to Jamaica, we got some updates on what was a compromising situation for Ryan in Mexico. Here’s the good news that we can share for the time being: He’s okay! It seems as though he’s going to be out of danger for the time being, which is mostly good for both Jack and his wife. They don’t have to deal with secrets or worries … for now. The reality is still that Jack’s son is not in a job where he’ll feel safe very often. He has to be prepared for that.

As for the case itself, what we saw tonight started with a tragedy involving a singer in Jamaica, something that led to a story of indoctrination, mentorship gone wrong, and a series of gruesome events. What we did like was the way that the show tried to incorporate a little bit of local culture and legend into the episode. The writers do seem to realize that there is only so much that they can create an authentic environment without being in the actual location. With that, they have to compensate. The writing was strong enough to create a solid environment for the case to unfold.

With that said, the case itself was solid at best. It was difficult to get entirely invested into it, mostly because we were distracted with everything with Jack to a certain extent. We also wanted the case to be a little bit more high-profile; given that the synopsis specifically mentioned that a singer would be involved, we figured that this was going to be an opportunity to see more of a deep dive into the local music industry than it ended up being. Sometimes, we do wish that Beyond Borders could be a little bit separate from Criminal Minds and focus on cases without psychopathic killings. This is probably one of those occasions. Grade: B-.

Ready for the two-hour finale?

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