Timeless season 2: Sony looking for new home following cancellation

SonyIn the wake of the stunning and sad Timeless cancellation earlier today, we thought we’d share a little more insight. Specifically, we’ve got it courtesy of two of the executive producers / awesome mad scientists (though they are not really scientists) responsible for the show.

First, executive producer Eric Kripke confirmed in a new tweet today that even though the “odds are long,” there will be an effort made to find the show another home. He also mentioned specifically that he and the team are both “surprised” and “upset” about the announcement, given that they felt confident after a pitch meeting and most indications were positive that the show had a good shot at coming back. (See Kripke’s full tweet at the bottom of this article.)

What’s also worth noting is that per executive producer Shawn Ryan (who posted a series of tweets this afternoon), the decision to cancel the show seems to be much more of a business decision than a creative one. It simply had to do with money; even if the show was profitable, maybe there were more profitable options out there. We’re the first one to admit that there probably does have to be hefty price tag on a show that requires not only so many different costumes one episode to the next, but also different locations and sets for almost every occasion. It was one of the most ambitious series out there, and this may be the cancellation that more people are upset about than any other over the course of the next several weeks.

At this point, the best thing that you could do as a fan of the show hoping to see it back is let potential future homes know that you would like to see Timeless on the air. Beyond that, let the folks over at Sony do their job and see if they can find an interested party out there.

Is there hope for another suitor? We mentioned it earlier in our full cancellation article, but Syfy and Hulu seem like natural destinations given their proclivity for genre programming and connections to NBC already. (NBC did own a part of the show, at least during the first season.)

Once there is something further to report on the subject of Timeless and the future, we’ll of course have an article for you here. (Photo: NBC.)

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