NCIS season 14 episode 23 review: Agent McGee is having a baby? Agent Gibbs offers touching wedding moment

NCIS season 14 episode 23 reviewFans of NCIS saw a big moment for NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee on Tuesday night. Teased for the last few weeks, the very special agent made a big commitment when he decided to marry his sweetheart, Delilah Fielding.

All the joyous festivities surrounding the two lovebirds did not stop crime from happening. Agent Gibbs’ team was summoned out to see what happened after a Petty Officer died. Kicking off the episode, the lifeless body of the military man aboard a Navy destroyer was a quizzical crime after it literally was dumped overboard.

After arriving on the ship, Agent Gibbs tries to retrace the crime and identify what might have happened. Left in the ice locker, the agents go to examine the body only to find that it is missing. Dumped overboard, the situation becomes extremely serious as the key piece of evidence is missing in the victim. This in turn left the NCIS team no choice but to work the case back at the office.

The unique twist of the episode has the team searching for clues. While it looks almost hopeless, they hit a bit of luck and the dead sailor is found floating at sea by the Coast Guard. The team is quickly able to find out the cause of death and start looking for the killer.

The Petty Officer’s steps were traced and nothing out of the ordinary was found. Looking for drugs, it appears the man had digested ecstasy, but where it came from was unknown and nobody suspected him as a user. Thanks to Abby, her scientific look at his stomach contents gave new information. The officer ate food planted with drugs. The meal was to be delivered to the commander, but when it arrived, it was rejected and given to the Petty Officer.

Unfortunately the mixture of the drugs and a heart issue killed the military man in his sleep. Recognizing how the mixture of drugs would look, the killer dumped his body in the ocean. Sadly, the killer was also a good friend and admitted he panicked when the wrong person ate the food.

With the case done, the NCIS team returned back to the day to day life at the office. As fans watched closely, the stress of planning a wedding had McGee and Delilah working late. Ending up in the hospital, Delilah seemed to be overwhelmed with all the extra work for such a big wedding.

In one of the biggest scenes of the season, Delilah faints and Tim rushes her to the hospital. Apparently she is just tired and needs rest as all the planning has been too much. Agent Gibbs meets Agent McGee at the hospital as Tim is worried about the couple’s future. Not knowing if Delilah will be OK, the two have a heart to heart chat as they wait for word. Thankfully Delilah has a simple concussion. Reflecting on how the little things aren’t as important as he makes them out to be, McGee seems to be relieved.

At this point NCIS reveals the biggest news of the season: McGee is going to be a dad. Fainting after hearing the news, the couple is delighted to find out there will be a little McGee running around the office.

A wedding, a baby and Best NCIS friends

At the end of the show, Delilah and Tim invite their close NCIS friends over to share good news. A baby on the way (thanks to Abby, everyone found out hours easier) and they wanted everyone to come for dinner so they could get married surrounded by their best pals. This surprise exchange of the vows included a very touching moment between Agent Gibbs and Agent McGee only minutes before the wedding.

Viewers of NCIS had to be delighted to see Agent McGee find true love. Looking for the girl of his dreams, he took the plunge and started a family. No matter what cliffhanger NCIS gives the fans next week, this week’s episode was satisfying. It gave everyone enough of a story line to last all summer. With a baby on the way, viewers are definitely excited to see what happens next. Episode grade: A-.

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