Outlander season 3 spoilers: Filming updates and source adaptation

source adaptationFor today’s Outlander season 3 update, there are a couple of different things worth noting, whether it be the source adaptation or where the show is in filming.

Let’s start with the former, since it’s a pretty simple update that the show in South Africa now seems set to film many of the Jamaica-set scenes. Some have already been filmed, but there is much more to go. Much of the past several weeks have been spent filming some of the scenes at sea, but eventually, of course Jamie and Claire had to arrive somewhere, right? The Governor’s Ball could be a particularly memorable sequence of events on the show, so seeing how all of that comes together should make for stunning TV.

Are there some photos out there of the filming? Sure, but we’re keeping our philosophy on set photos for this one — unless it’s tweeted out / shared by an actor or someone officially tied to the show, we tend to shy away from posting. Just know that the information is out there for those of you book readers who are curious.

In speaking further about the books, one other small nugget that has come out over the past couple of days is that the third season will be very close to the story presented in Voyager. This is according to author Diana Gabaldon, who responded to a statement on Twitter by saying that the new season will feel very similar to the source material. We know that for many book fans, this matters tremendously, especially given that season 2 did take some liberties here and there with its presentation of Dragonfly in Amber.

Personally, it’s not something that matters as much given that we haven’t read the books. Our big request is merely that the writers do what they feel is best for the show; sometimes, things on the page don’t always translate to the screen without alteration here and there. So long as the spirit and quality of the source material is maintained, we tend to be satisfied.

Filming will continue for a few more weeks in South Africa (can you believe we’re almost at the end?) before season 3 wraps up.

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