Veep season 6 episode 4 review: The heart attack

Veep season 6 episode 4 review“Am I in Heaven”? If there is one line in Veep season 6 episode 4 that we’re going to remember, it’ll probably be that one, spoken by Gary looking up at his boss Selina Meyer.

The entire episode was by and large ridiculous, mostly because the majority of the episode was spent watching Selina deflect the fact that she had a minor heart attack. First, she was thrilled that it wasn’t menopause; then, she tried to divert attention to the “massive” (but not really) heart attack that Gary had. He was receiving proper care, so nobody other than Selina was all that worried about him.

Oh, and then there was the supreme distraction known as the Supreme Court. Thanks to one misunderstanding, reports started to surface that Selina was up for a vacant seat on the court. Then, Richard accidentally furthered those rumors along by “confirming” to Jonah that Selina was in an important meeting — when really, that was just the blanket response she told him to give people who asked about whether or not she was at the hospital. The brilliance of Veep is how they often tend to connect seemingly unrelated stories, and find a way for things to spiral out of control in a hilarious way.

Unintentionally, all of the drama that had been stirred up about Selina being in the Supreme Court had her actually believing that it could happen. She was so convinced that she was willing to ignore her Presidential Library plans for the time being, and even didn’t want to meet with her corrupt prison donor Sherman Tans anymore. (Tans also had a meeting with Jonah this week, one where he gave him a penny for his campaign after being a jerk and forgetting Daylight Savings Time.)

Selina, of course, didn’t get the Supreme Court job, and what made it funnier was that former President Hughes got the nomination instead. Meanwhile, Tans ended up being convinced that Jonah was such a dullard he was worth supporting — so much so that she didn’t have money for the library anymore.

Other funny odds and ends

It remains incredibly entertaining seeing Selina try to put off writing her book with Mike. Meanwhile, seeing Selina cut up a leftover chicken sandwich for Gary, who she’d stuck in her basement for her recovery, was equally funny. Basically, her refusal to take care of him outside of the bare minimum is a reminder of how terrible a person she is. (She did fall asleep on his bed, but we don’t think she did that out of anything other than laziness.)

Our overall take

We’re a bit of a broken record at this point, but Veep season 6 continues to surprise us. We didn’t think that it would work without Selina in office, but it’s reinvigorated the show in ways that we didn’t think possible. If the rest of the season continues like this, Veep will be in contention for an Emmy yet again. Grade: A.

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