Billions season 3 premiere date: When should Paul Giamatti, cast return?

Billions season 2Following tonight’s finale, what should the Billions season 3 premiere date be? Over the course of this article, we want to do our best to figure that out.

The first thing that is worth noting here is that there will in fact be a season 3, and that there is nothing to worry about in that department. The show received that renewal order a little bit earlier this year, in the midst of a season that has received more and more critical acclaim as time went on. The main story of Chuck and Axe has remained compelling throughout, but having the arrival of Taylor as almost a Littlefinger-esque type figure within this world has helped it rise over the top. If you look at where they started versus where they ended, there’s a reason to be excited now for the future of the series.

As for when a season 3 could actually premiere, there is a little bit of debate to be had here. The first season premiered in January, while for season 2, the network waited until February in order to launch the show. If we had a preference, it would be to go back to January if at all possible. Remember that we’re seeing the show conclude this year in the heart of May sweeps, and it began this year in the heart of February sweeps. One of the biggest reasons in our mind for the show’s decline in live ratings this season is the higher competition across the board. Ending the show before things get too crazy seems to be a pretty wise move with it being a show that is still building it’s audience.

Also, we’re impatient, and we feel fairly certain that most people out there who enjoy Billions also want it back sooner rather than later. We want more of the show as soon as possible, and having a fairly short hiatus does help to ensure that there aren’t any sort of huge breaks where more casual viewers forget about the show. As American TV viewers, we’re often creatures of habit who like to know when certain shows are coming on the air and also at the same time when they are going off the air.

What do you think that the Billions season 3 premiere date is going to be? Share some of your thoughts on that subject now in the attached comments!

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