What do Shark Tank contestants all have in common? They network like crazy

Shark Tank contestantsShark Tank fans know the drill when it comes to new ideas. Introducing products and services on Shark Tank is the first step to finding funding. Impressing The Sharks is required, then the entrepreneurs need to know how to get a sum they need to continue their project. It’s a delicate dance that happens every Friday night (and continuously if watching cable).

It begs us to ask in this instance what is common about all the entrepreneurs who get funding, and even those who miss the mark on the show. One thing rises to the top: Networking! These folks are finding connections to attract attention about their entrepreneurial journey. Before, during and after the show the entrepreneurs are talking about their adventure during the Shark Tank process. They connect with others by sharing their idea, product or service and, of course, the angle of a Shark Tank contestant gives them a megaphone.

Networking is a tough gig for most entrepreneurs. It’s interesting to see how people involved with the Shark Tank contestant process (even if it’s nothing more than submitting a proposal) are savvy in networking way beyond their immediate circle. It’s definitely an introduction to more people and potentially they network into a new opportunity.

Viewers of Shark Tank might not see all the networking behind the scenes, but it is in full force. Entrepreneurs start networking on the first step, letting people know that they are looking for funding and that the seriousness of the search includes consideration on Shark Tank. From there, the process – beginning, middle and end- are talking points shared with others.

Who doesn’t want to know more about Shark Tank?

Behind the scenes networking happens with every reality TV business show. Recently an entrepreneur sent me an introduction and wanted to reach out because they were highlighted on another reality TV business show. This connection would have never happened in the real time as I would have never been on their radar. The TV show offered a networking door for them to pursue. And they did with me and hundreds of other people.

Entrepreneurs don’t need to be on Shark Tank to find new opportunities to network. This same concept could easily be replicated on a much smaller scale. Finding a new group to join in the community offers new ways to introduce and network. Online groups and associations also offer value to meet new people to network and share your ideas too.

Entrepreneur tip: Make a priority to network as much as possible. Look for places to introduce yourself and share your unique experiences with others while sharing your passion in life.

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