Billions season 2 finale spoilers: Can Chuck win Wendy back?

Billions season 2With the Billions season 2 finale right around the corner, relationships are going to be tested — and we really mean that in many forms. You have the professional relationships such as the ones between Axe and his many associates; then, you have the personal ones. Lara has been almost the Littlefinger of this series, a mover and shaker behind the scenes that doesn’t operate with anywhere near the same sort of bluster as some other characters. This is going to continue moving forward into both the finale, and potentially also the rest of the season.

Let’s start here by discussing things more in the general sense. Speaking per TVInsider, executive producer David Levien gave the following tease to suggest that no matter what happens over the course of these next two installments, the impact of it will be fairly long-lasting:

“The ramifications of the events of the last two episodes will play out long into the future of the show.”

Meanwhile, fellow EP Brian Koppelman offered up a little more of an intimate sense of one relationship in particular — that between Wendy and Chuck — that could be at the center of the story:

“Chuck may have been trying to remind Wendy why she fell in love with him, but his actions have made it harder for her to return to him.”

The fundamental problem here is that of trust. This was a cornerstone of their marriage when things were functioning, and it’s what desecrated the two of them in the end. How do you win that back when this was one of the few things that separated them from the pack?

One other thing that we’re curious about is where the road takes Taylor in this final episode this season, given that their rise to power has been one of the most interesting arcs created on the show over the course of two seasons.

Beyond the promo HERE, Showtime remains incredibly secretive this time around in terms of hyping and promoting the Billions finale. They aren’t making it all that clear what we should expect to see, especially since some of the standard sneak peeks are being left by the wayside.

Do you have any specific expectations for the Billions season 2 finale? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to secure some further news and updates now pertaining to Billions as a series. (Photo: Showtime.)


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