Blue Bloods season 7 finale spoilers: How does Danny get in danger?

Blue Bloods season 7If you’re looking for one final slice of Blue Bloods season 7 finale spoilers before the episode airs tonight, we’ve got you covered. The same goes for CBS.

The sneak peek offers up the foundation for what we’re going to be discussing here, which is effectively the path that causes Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) to get himself in a serious amount of trouble in this episode. He speaks with Erin and is eager to move on a takedown. Unfortunately, what he realizes here in the process is that he’s dipping his toes into federal jurisdiction, and that’s somewhere he doesn’t belong as a New York City police officer.

Why is he so eager to take down the bad guys in this instance? Much of that really circles back to the sort of character and cop he is — he wants to do right by the people that he’s closest to, and that often means going above and beyond to ensure justice. We know he’s fighting against a drug cartel in this episode, and maybe that’s what he is pushing so hard to stop in the sneak peek.

Now, here is the problem for Danny — he is a man who doesn’t exactly follow the letter of the law a lot of the time. He’s a guy who goes with his gut. Sure, this sometimes can be beneficial for a cop since you want to trust your instinct and know that you’re doing the right thing. However, at the same time you also have to be aware that you’re putting yourself in a position where you can fall on your face if that instinct is wrong. With the Thomas Wilder case, Danny put himself out there and made himself an enemy of a dangerous serial killer. He was able to kill him in the end, but even that created a minefield for him that he struggled to get out of.

Here, his actions towards a cartel could lead to his own house catching fire. That’s something that we’ve seen in the promo for this episode, and it’s another sign of the danger that you run into when you work in this profession. It’s like being a superhero, one where you know your identity is something that you need to keep protected.

What do you think will happen to Danny in tonight’s finale, and how will he get himself out of it? Share now in the comments!

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