MasterChef Junior season 5 episode 13 review: Muppets troll the competition

MuppetsIt’s somewhat ironic that our favorite episode of MasterChef Junior in the history of the competition is one where nobody went home. The Muppets — specifically, the Swedish Chef and Miss Piggy — turned up for the elimination challenge, which was all sorts of hilarious and random.

One of the biggest critiques that we’ve long had of the show is that at times, it can become a tad formulaic watching the same sort of challenges play out time and time again. Even some of the edits and commercial cutaways are incredible predictable. Therefore, seeing these two characters turn up to almost send up the entire experience was wonderful. A few great examples:

1. Miss Piggy, after being assigned as a competitor for the challenge, trying to order her steak in rather than cooking it herself.

2. Gordon Ramsay effectively making her steak, and then eliminating her for doing nothing.

3. Miss Piggy’s utter inability to call Gordon by his proper name.

4. The Swedish Chef banging the steak on the counter and shouting rather than eating it — and doing other odd stuff with some of the food.

The entire ordeal was absurd, and it was great that nobody actually went home given that A) everyone did a pretty good job and B) it would’ve been such a downer after all of this. We figure that whoever wrote much of the Muppet dialogue probably looked at all of the rules of the show and just decided to show people breaking them for laughs. It was such a really silly way to send it all up, and something that we thoroughly enjoyed.

We should also mention that even the Team Challenge at the start was really funny in some ways because of Gordon and Christina Tosi announcing various dinners — each coming from a job they’ve trained for all their lives — entering the kitchen as though they were being sent off to Noah’s ark. There were Olympians, ballerinas, doctors, actual chefs, firefighters, members of the Army, and so many more people. We almost expected at one point him to start calling in ninjas, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and people dressed as Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard.

There’s no reason to be cynical here, given that this episode made us smile from ear to ear from start to finish. There were some great performances from the home cooks, but we wish every episode of the show was injected with this much creativity and humor. Even if it was fairly cheesy, we were having such a good time. Grade: A-.

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