Hawaii Five-0 season 7 finale review: Is Kono pregnant? Steve faces a serious health concern

Hawaii Five-0 KonoHope everyone is ready for the big Hawaii Five-0 season 7 finale tonight, because we know that as much fun as this episode is going to be, we also know that there will be no new episodes of Hawaii Five-0 until the fall. We have to take the good (super awesome finale) with the bad (Hawaii Five-0 summer drought). Going into tonight’s finale the one thing we are worried about is losing Danny. There has been so much talk this season of him retiring and opening a restaurant that even Steve is starting to get concerned that Danny may actually be leaving…. and so are we. For now though, let’s dive into the big finale the masterminds behind Hawaii Five-0 have planned for us!

Speaking of losing people we are also worried about losing Chin. He’s been offered an incredible opportunity to lead his own task force in San Francisco and while he’s thinking about it, this is clearly a difficult decision for him because of his love of Hawaii. He also mentioned that he doesn’t want to make a decision until he makes things official with Abby – that’s right, he’s going to be proposing and after seeing Julie Benz on the show tonight, we are getting our tissues ready in hopes to see Chin on one knee by the end of this episode. Unfortunately, we were left with dry eyes because there was no proposal.

Is Kono pregnant? Yes you read that right. We never thought that we would be asking this question since there hasn’t been much talk of her and Adam trying to become parents, but who wouldn’t want to see a little Kono running around kicking butt? We saw her buying a pregnancy test and as much as we want to see her continue working with the task force, a pregnancy story would be great! We’ve seen other people on the team balancing children and work (like Danny, Grover and now Chin), so why not Kono? We would love to have her as a mom, sign us up!

Remember the heart-wrenching episode where Kono became emotionally invested in the sex trafficking case? We had a very hard time watching that episode, but loved seeing Kono front and center, so the idea that we are going to have more of her is inspired. Kono gets a call from the young girl she helped save and she gives Kono a sketch of a man named Dion who worked with Emilio in moving the women around. All we have to say about catching this guy Dion character is that Jean Claude Van Damme has some serious competition with Steve’s truck jumping stunt! While they got the win with this one guy, Kono reminds us that this is far from over since this is a huge operation that’s all over America. This mission doesn’t end for her here – she jumped a plane and headed to Las Vegas to help find more of these young women.

After getting his liver checked out at the doctor (and getting a clean bill of health despite how much garbage Steve eats from the vending machine) he gives Danny a present. He’s of course a little concerned as to what Steve is giving him, but every time he goes to open the box he gets interrupted. What’s in the box!!!??? It’s a chef’s hat with Danny’s name on it… and retirement is being brought up once again much to our dismay. What we are really thinking is that After Alex mentioned that he may be leaving after season 8 (next season) that they may want to retire Danny as well. Couldn’t you see these two best friends working a retirement restaurant together? Before we get to retirement, Danny learns that Steve didn’t go to the doctor for his liver, instead he was getting help for another problem. Steve got radiation poisoning when disarming that bomb earlier in the season and while in the short term the pills will help, the long term effects are another story. Steve has been having some dizzy spells and says that the doctor is sure there will be long term side effects for him down the road.

This Hawaii Five-0 finale had it all: Emotional moments with a possible Kono baby, and a party for Jerry getting his shield. We had some of the craziest stunts that we’ve seen on the show with Steve’s truck stunt and lots of the Steve and Danny bickering/bromance that we live for. Of course this wouldn’t be a Hawaii Five-0 finale without some kind of cliffhanger that kicks us right in the gut and that’s where the Steve radiation poisoning story comes in. This may be the beginning of Steve’s own retirement if season 8 really does end up being Alex O’Loughin’s last with the show. Episode Grade: A+

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