Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 22 review: Alex’s search; Stephanie’s struggle

Grey's Anatomy season 13 episode 22 reviewGrey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 22 proved to be a story about the past just as much as it was a look to the future. After all, we saw some stories brought up in this episode that we haven’t seen in a little while. Take, for example, Stephanie Edwards not taking any time off to process heartbreak.

This payoff was SMART on the part of the writers. Back when Edwards first tried to get past her problem (otherwise known as losing Wilmer Valderrama to NCIS), she tried to move on; yet, in the process she became incredibly unsympathetic to many of her patients, and struggled to do her job and do it properly. Specifically, her bedside manner fell of a cliff. Her treatment of patients’ families at the start of the episode was bad enough, but in the closing minutes, she screamed and tossed a chart at an overzealous father who hated that his song was treated because of “God’s will.” We do understand why he felt the way that he did since Alex and Stephanie acted without his consent. Still, it didn’t matter.

The question that we wonder now is whether or not Stephanie finds herself without a job — she’s been ordered to undergo counseling and is suspended for the time being. Meanwhile, who was Alex contacting and searching for at the end of the episode? The general consensus seems to be now Jo’s husband, given that this seems to be the sort of thing that he would be doing — acting rogue and causing a full-on problem where there wasn’t one already. He’ll think that he’s doing the right thing … so did he when he went after DeLuca.

Speaking of DeLuca, who else felt for the guy getting subtly rejected by Jo? He’s had a pretty rough year. Jo is probably one of the reasons why he dropped the charges, and how, he’s in a situation where he realizes that his feelings are unrequited.

More from Minnick

Eliza was one of the reasons why Stephanie’s actions in the hospital were being questioned, and beyond that tonight, she also doubted if Ben was able to execute in the clutch and make the risks and decisions necessary. She questioned that, and Webber eventually told him about it to push him beyond just playing it safe in the OR.

Speaking of playing it safe, clearly Minnick is not interested in doing that in her romantic life anymore! She had a suggestion for Arizona, and let’s just say that this one ended up a lot more successful than the one attempted recently by DeLuca.

All in all, another solid episode, especially from the writers as they insisted to us through their words tonight that every story this season matters. Even if Meredith and some other main characters were rather quiet, the arcs for Stephanie, Minnick, and others made up for it. Grade: B+.

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For some further news, including a preview for the next new episode, just be sure to head over to the link here! Remember that there are only two more episodes still to go before the season ends, so expect a whole lot more drama. (Photo: ABC.)

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