Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 23 promo: Is Owen’s sister alive?

Owen's sisterLeading into Thursday night’s new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the time feels right to ask the question: Should Owen’s sister be alive?

There is a reason to ask this question now — in some of the promotional material that has been released out there over time for the final episodes of the season, there is talk about big developments and decisions for Kevin McKidd’s character. We’d love for Owen to have a strong story, independent of a romantic relationship, and something that traces back to his past. That is in part what made the relationship between Owen and Riggs so fascinating when Martin Henderson first joined the show. So rarely is there such deep, heartbreaking conflict present on television between two men. Yet, it was there with the two of them.

Now, bringing on Megan would enable the show to tackle a different sort of sibling conflict, one that is different than anything we’ve seen to date. With Meredith and Maggie, we had a situation where there was ignorance abounding. Here, it’s sorrow, joy, and something in between. For years, Owen’s presumed that Megan is dead. He’s missed her, thought about her, and mourned her. Seeing her back now in the flesh is something that could be difficult to process. So much time has passed that it’s impossible to know if she’s even remotely the same person anymore. What does she do now? What does she look like? Given Bridget Regan’s gig on The Last Ship (which has been in production), it’s certainly possible that Megan will have a new hair color if she ever shows up here.

Granted, there are some other complications that would come. Megan living could open some serious discussions in the Meredith – Riggs relationship, but we also believe that Riggs should live in the now and go with what he’s feeling. If the character was willing to jump ship from Meredith to be with Megan without a moment’s notice, that would signify that the two of them weren’t meant to be in the first place. Seeing Megan alive could also make Owen miss some other aspects of his own life.

Let’s turn this over to you, since this is such an interesting question and worthy of your feedback. Do you want Owen’s sister to somehow turn up over the course of Grey’s Anatomy this season? Vote in the poll below! If you’re on mobile, you may need to click to view the non-AMP version.

Update: The new promo released tonight for next week certainly makes us think that Owen’s sister could be back…

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