If the Amazing Race 30 is the end, here are some worthy All-Stars

Amazing Race 30At present, it remains unclear if The Amazing Race 29 is going to be the last one or not on CBS. We want there to be one more season, and for several different reasons.

1. 30 is a round number – Speaks for itself.

2. We’re greedy – We’d probably ask for a season 31 if they renew the show one more go.

3. We want to see it go out big – Either you do a season featuring all new racers without any gimmicks or twists (bring it back to its roots), or you do an All-stars featuring some of the biggest characters over the course of the show’s run.

Just in case producers want to save themselves some time casting an All-Star season, we’ve got that for you below! We’ve compiled what we think is a great list of eleven of the most memorable teams to ever run the race, under a few conditions of course. We’re not selecting any team to have already raced twice (with one exception, which we’ll get to), we want to properly represent every era of the show, and we’re not necessarily talking about the best racers. We want people who made it fairly far, but also brought some good TV to the table, as well.

1. Rob & Brennan (season 1) – The original winners. Granted, they’re not electric television, but it is nice to have such a sense of history on the show.

2. Zach & Flo (season 3) – The most entertaining meltdown team of their time … with one key exception we’ll get to a little bit later. This was Hayley & Blair before we had Hayley & Blair.

3. Colin & Christie (season 5) – Colin arguably still has one of the most notable quotes in series history with “my ox is broken.” The only thing close? Rachel Reilly commenting on how the show is supposed to be “fun and good.”

4. BJ & Tyler (season 9) – Speaking of the beginning of casting archetypes, we’d call them the Afghanimals or Team Fun before either one of them existed. They were so over-the-top that some people felt like they were too much, but we do remember them fondly.

5. Jaime & Cara (season 14) – You do always want this archetype of the aggressive, athletic women, and in looking back, these two definitely brought it. We still remember them berating some poor cab driver on the final leg.

6. Brook & Claire (season 17) – Tremendously entertaining. Aside from getting hit in the face with fruit, they had a number of really great moments and were far better racers than anyone would have expected.

7. Mark & Bopper (season 20) – We’re willing to make an exception here given that Bopper was unable to race on his All-Star season because of an injury. They were such a perfect fish-out-of-water team and we love having that sort of energy on the show.

8. Tim & Marie (season 23) – These two made for one of the most intense teams that we’ve seen on the show, and they are the perfect example of that team that would do almost anything to win.

9. Amy & Maya (season 25) – A fun, high-energy, and super-smart team. While they weren’t the first all-female team to win the show, we’d argue that they were the most memorable.

10. Hayley & Blair (season 26) – There used to be a time when we didn’t like The Amazing Race teams who constantly argued with each other and caused a ton of drama. That time ended before these two started a blind date on this season that went south quickly.

11. Justin & Diana (season 27) – There was some debate that went into this one because there are a few interesting candidates from the past few seasons. Yet, we think these two best represent the Amazing Race super-fans who often don’t get to make it all that far on the show. They were very close to winning the first time out!

Obviously, we expect there to be a ton of division with this list in the comments, and to be honest, it wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t people out there who hated it. One way or another, let us know what you think!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want to acquire some further news on The Amazing Race. (Photo: CBS.)

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