Survivor: Game Changers episode 12: The family visit; new alliances

Survivor: Game Changers episode 12Leading up to Survivor: Game Changers episode 12 airing on CBS next week, will we continue to see chaos? Signs suggest it’s likely. Remember that going into tonight’s new episode, the easiest guess was that we were going to see things in the game stay fairly constant. However, by the end of the episode, that was clearly not the case.

So where are we going to see next week? After Zeke’s blindside, it was clear that people were not going to be all that happy about it. Two of these people seem to be Sarah and Michaela, who may be looking to work with some other people moving forward. Sierra may have found herself a new group to work with … or at least it seems that way right now. The reality with this game is that things turn on a dime, and the presence of loved ones around can alter things further.

The family visit is something that we do personally appreciate in the game, mostly because it’s that added bump of story that offers you a chance to see more of who these people are when they are not playing Survivor. One other interesting question here is if Monica actually comes out for Brad, given that this gives him a really interesting sounding board of someone who has played the game and could understand a little bit of what he’s going through.

Without any further context Andrea is the person we’re the most worried about when it comes to her future in the game, largely for one simple reason: She’s shown herself to be a challenge beast, and really good at getting her way around camp with key votes. It’s a little too early to have such a big target on her back, which puts her in a spot fairly similar to where she was the second time that she played in Caramoan.

Ultimately, the thing to remember here more so than anything else is that there’s really not all that much time left in the game. Even though there are nine players left, we anticipate that three will go over the next two episodes, and then the finale will come later this month and start with six.

Where do you want to see things going on Survivor: Game Changers episode 12? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

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