Survivor: Game Changers episode 11 review: Who left Tribal in tears?

Survivor: Game Changers episode 11 reviewLet’s start this Survivor: Game Changers episode 11 review with this: Wasn’t everyone surprisingly civil after Tribal Council? Four people were blindsided with Debbie going home, but nobody screamed at Sarah for flipping. It wasn’t good entertainment, but it was good gameplay to realize that they may need her down the road.

Reward Challenge – For Brad Culppeper, this couldn’t have worked out better. At the end of this incredibly long challenge (thank the puzzle for that), he had a chance to go off with several people from the other alliance on the reward to try and flip things around. The good thing about this season is that no alliance is set in stone; things are always fluid!

At the Reward, what was interested is that paranoia was really running rampant just because Zeke was bonding with Brad. From there, Andrea in turn wanted to get rid of Zeke. Sarah wasn’t altogether game with that, so she pushed back with her alliance in order to try and get Sierra voted out for now. She’s trying to play all sides, and that makes us worry.

A Final Five deal? – We saw Zeke and Sarah orchestrate this with Brad and Troyzan — the four of them, to go along with Michaela, go to the end. Obviously, this is a pretty good group for Zeke since his crew will still have the numbers, and he may think that he can beat any of these people at the end.

Immunity Challenge – It was the old domino rally, which we remember mostly as the challenge that sent home Russell Hantz from Redemption Island. Andrea won, and that should remind everyone further just how big of a threat Andrea is to win this game given that she’s really good in challenges.

Now, the scramble – Once everyone got back to camp, it was pretty clear that everyone was feelin’ okay to do pretty much anything. Andrea and Cirie went to Sierra with a pitch to get rid of Zeke, and from there, they went to their own alliance to convince them to get on board with the plan.

However, nothing is ever that easy. Michaela wasn’t that interested in getting rid of Zeke, and she and Sarah had a chance to talk about it. Ultimately, things came down to Sierra versus Zeke as to who was going home — this wasn’t the most exciting deliberation out there, mostly because these were the names we expected at around the midway point.

At Tribal Council there was a lot of double-speak and honestly, we couldn’t really tell where anyone was going to go with their vote over the course of it. Tai was the first vote, and that was followed by a back-and-forth with Sierra.

Then, things got really interesting. It was a split vote, one that clearly seemed to devastate Michaela. (She was in tears!) Zeke is gone, and he’s gone in a hell of a vote. This was a bummer just because we love the guy and his passion for the game. Still, him going in such a cool way is something to be celebrated.

Overall Take

This was a good episode — honestly, we thought Sierra was going home, even though we are very predisposed to blindsides happening. We’re looking forward to talking to Zeke tomorrow, though we anticipate we’ll be feeling bummed it’s not a little later down the road.

Want to look ahead?

As always, we are going to have a preview for the next new episode of Survivor: Game Changers over at the link here.

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