Designated Survivor episode 20 promo: Who’s the next target?

Designated Survivor episode 20Moving forward into Designated Survivor episode 20, nothing is going to be slowing down — not that you should be shocked by that. There are only a few episodes remaining this season, and these will define not only the direction of the story this season, but then also where the show is going to go moving into a potential season 2. (More on that later.)

So what is coming up next week on the show to lead in that direction? We’ve got a story entitled “Bombshell” which is almost a microcosm of the way that ABC has promoted the show so far this season — shocker on top of shocker on top of shocker. We’re not altogether sure that this is the right way to promote the show, but ABC loves making you think that your jaw will constantly be on the floor week in and week out.

Designated Survivor episode 20 synopsis – “President Kirkman’s first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy’s next target.”

The international summit is a story that’s already surfaced, and the idea of it is interesting in itself given the notion that the rest of the world can’t be altogether confident that America is a safe place to be. With this many bodies buried within the past twelve months, how can you call the situation there anything other than near-constant chaos?

As for Hannah Wells’ work, let’s just first of all celebrate the fact that she is even alive given how many times that we’ve been worried about her. What she discovers here could be key to setting up the season’s endgame, and who is going to be need of some protection.

Before we sign off, just a reminder if you didn’t see it earlier — Designed Survivor is gearing up for a season 2 by hiring a new showrunner. ABC has not officially ordered more episodes, but based on everything from this announcement to the recent ratings, you have every reason in the world to think that this is coming.

Promo – Is the wrong guy behind bars? It’s certainly something to ponder…

What do you want to see on Designated Survivor episode 20, and how do you think that the show will try to close things up moving into season 2? Sound off now in the attached comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to (as always) head over to the link here in the event you want some further news related to the Kiefer Sutherland series. (Photo: ABC.)

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