Blindspot season 2 episode 21 promo: The secret of Jane’s tattoos, more

Blindspot season 2 episode 21Given that so many titles tend to be anagrams, it’s almost jarring that Blindspot season 2 episode 21 carries with it the title of “Mom.” How do you unscramble that to be anything other than what it is? Maybe you can say that it’s “Omm” and the entire episode features Jane undergoing heavy meditation, but that’s unlikely and sounds like a boring episode.

Instead, “Mom” will be a chapter full of key reveals, big surprises, and a plan to stop Sandstorm before Phase 2 goes into full effect. It’s a good thing that they’re on the trail since we’re getting closer and closer to their plan being enacted. That would impact a whole lot more than just the FBI Task Force.

Blindspot season 2 episode 21 synopsis – “The team finally cracks a member of Sandstorm, leading to a huge breakthrough in uncovering Phase Two.”

Here is one of the big things that we like about this episode — much of the said “crack” seems to be coming as a result of social interaction. This is such a nice, dramatic change from everything that we tend to see with many similar shows out there. This wasn’t a move brought about by someone killing someone else or an elaborate action sequence. There was more here, and that is the real strength of the FBI in real life. Consider just how many times you’ve seen dramatic chase scenes or explosions in real life? It’s not a common practice.

Whatever happens over the course of the episode, you better believe that it will carry over to the season 2 finale. This is the episode with the hardest challenge of trying to both please everyone who’s been watching the show and hoping for closure, as well as those praying for a juicy cliffhanger. Given that there is no official word yet on a season 3, we personally lean more with the side hoping for closure. Nobody wants to be left out on a lurch!

The promo below adds another question to the mix: Are we going to learn the secret of Jane’s tattoos soon?

What do you think will be revealed on Blindspot season 2 episode 21, and do you think that the Sandstorm arc will be resolved by the end of the season? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over to this link in the event you are interested in gathering some further news right now pertaining to the series. (Photo: NBC.)


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