Girl Meets World season 4 hopes dead; Rowan Blanchard series canceled

Girl Meets WorldWhile the Disney Channel may have canceled Girl Meets World earlier this year, the battle raged on to save it on another network. Unfortunately, this battle has now come to an end.

In a new post on Twitter, series creator Michael Jacobs said (through the show’s writers room account) that despite looking for a new venue for the series, he could not find an interested party to take it on. We know that there were conversations involving several networks / services, but there were probably a few different issues that got in the way, whether it be cost, ratings, or a little bit of both. Such is the way things often go with shows that are trying to find a new home. It’s easy to look at a Nashville or a Longmire and think that this is something that happens often, but more than 90% of the time shows that find themselves pulled from the air end up staying dead – even really fun ones like Girl Meets World.

The legacy of Girl Meets World will live on, but mostly through other forms such as repeat airings and the robust fan community. This was a show that encouraged imagination, and as a result of that it is easy to envision scenarios where Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) and Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) grow up, take on the world, and get everything that they want. Jacobs would likely want us to believe that they remain great friends, and with a little bit of work, they can make the world a better place.

For Jacobs, we hope that he does find a way to create a new property that teaches some of the lessons of Girl Meets World, but in a venue that is a little more appropriate to the stories that he tells the best. One of the biggest issues the revival series had from the jump was airing on a network that caters mostly to a preteen crowd; therefore, there were limitations as to how realistic the story could be for his target audience. It’s a shame given that there were so many chances to tell fascinating, mature stories for Riley and company, but they would never make it past censors at this network.

Now, we turn this over to you. Let us know what you loved the most about Girl Meets World in the comments, especially in terms of how much you will miss it on the air. (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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