NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 22 review: Agent Pride’s team starts to unravel as Mayor Hamilton retaliates

NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 22 reviewOn Tuesday night, the viewers of NCIS: New Orleans got the feeling that Mayor Hamilton isn’t going to stop retaliating against Agent Pride or his team. After finding out that he was wiretapped, the Mayor is playing a dangerous game. He is out to unravel the NCIS team, member by member. If the Mayor gets his way, everyone who works at the NCIS office will definitely be out of a job.

After a Navy Chaplain was murdered, Agent Pride believes he has found another connection between Mayor Hamilton and crimes in Clearwater. Smug and calling the shots, the Mayor continues to taunt Pride at every step. Looking to solve the murder, Pride has to choose between punching the Mayor in the face (which every viewer would cheer for) or walk away to finish solving the case. It’s a tough line, but Pride makes good on his commitment to uphold the law and works hard to find a criminal connection. Hopefully punching the smug politician comes later on!

It appears that the Chaplain was murdered after he connected one of the Mayor’s security men to crime in the area. Having it on video tape, the man was stabbed and his church was trashed. The bad guys were looking for a camera disk holding incriminating evidence. What isn’t known is exactly what the bad guys are looking to do in Clearwater. Apparently, that answer will come next week.

Last week the fans watched as Special Agent Sonja Percy was jailed for contempt. Adding to the twist of her situation, someone has taken measures to make sure her lockup is very unpleasant. Putting her in general population, her life was in danger. The criminals she put away appeared delighted to teach her a lesson behind bars.

After Percy’s situation, viewers knew the Mayor was looking at Pride’s agents very closely. The next to be targeted was Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plane. Accused of running an illegal gambling operation, the computer operator’s equipment was seized. He was forced to stay away from having online access.

Will Mayor Hamilton destroy NCIS?

Mayor Hamilton’s long reaching actions have the NCIS: New Orleans agents watching their back. Knowing it could be the end of their careers, the agents keep focused on their tasks. The Mayor continues his war on Pride in every way possible. A revengeful man, the Mayor seems to be on a destruction course for disaster.

We really enjoyed Tuesday’s episode of NCIS: New Orleans. The spiteful spirit of the Mayor has people cheering on NCIS as the agents face career damaging allegations. Hoping to find a way to save his team, Agent Pride is faced with a dilemma that could have an interesting outcome. Obviously, that’s why we plan to be watching next week as we can hardly wait to see how this story plays out. Episode grade: A-.

Be sure to check out what is coming on NCIS: New Orleans next week.

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