Agents of SHIELD season 4 episode 20: Mack’s decision; Aida’s new form

the FrameworkAgents of SHIELD season 4 episode 20 was a story that was all about reality. What is real, what is fake, and did it really matter?

There was no better example of that than what we saw near the closing minutes of this episode with Mack and Daisy as the former refused to leave the Framework in order to get back. Why was that? Much of that had to do with Hope, and his desire to stay there and live out the illusion there for the rest of his life. To him, it didn’t matter that it was all an illusion because it was a happy illusion. He didn’t want to go back the moment that he realized what would await them there.

Other than Mack, the majority of the other members of SHIELD did find a way to get back to reality … but it wasn’t an easy transition at all. After all, Fitz realized the moment that he made it back to the real world that he had done terrible things back on the other side, and that was something that he was going to have to live with.

Just in case these were not enough for you in terms of crazy twists, we also have this: Aida becoming fully human, or at least as human as she is going to be given that she still has some abilities that make her above and beyond the average person. She also still seems to have enough influence on Fitz so that he didn’t move out of the way quickly enough for May to shoot her.

The closing tag

We did think for a minute that Mack’s conversation with Hope was going to lead to him deciding that he needed to come back home. Yet, we didn’t actually see that happen. Mack seems to have made his decision for now, even if this is one that we refuse to accept or want to accept in the immediate future.

Now, we’re just left to wonder the scope of the final battle now between Aida and SHIELD, especially since Fitz is standing in a rather unusual place at the center of the chaos.

What did you think about tonight’s Agents of SHIELD episode, and everything that you saw with the departure of the Framework? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over here to get a preview now for what is coming on an epic episode of the show airing next week. (Photo: ABC.)

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