The Flash season 3: How Grant Gustin tackles big reveal

Grant GustinThere are many big winners coming out of Tuesday night’s new episode of The Flash — with that said, the biggest one is Grant Gustin.

Warning: There are some MAJOR spoilers coming up below.

At the end of Tuesday night’s new episode, the truth came out that it is a version of Barry from the future that is Savitar, and suddenly much of everything this season makes sense. When he meddled with the past because of Flashpoint, he changed his future enough that at some point, all of the terrible things that happened to him caused him to become a villain. He eventually couldn’t handle the world, so he instead decided to become a god of speed in order to take it over. This is why he was also able to appeal to Killer Frost, someone with her own brand of darkness.

Ultimately, there is a lot to look forward to here in terms of Gustin’s performance, judging from what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say to Entertainment Weekly following tonight’s new episode:

“What’s so amazing about these last few episodes, especially when you think about it in terms of ‘Once and Future Flash,’ is Grant made the future Flash a very distinct character. He does the same with Savitar, especially in scenes where he has to act with himself. If everything Grant has done up until now, including the musical, hasn’t blown you away with his talent, I think when you see scenes of him and Savitar together, you’re really going to be blown away because he’s found a whole new speed for him.”

What’s also going to be interesting about this reveal is getting to learn more about how Barry eventually transformed into Savitar, and some of the things that he did in order to get to this point. It’s an excellent, complicated reveal, and we’re absolutely interested in seeing how this story is going to progress now as we move a little bit further into season 3. The one bad thing is that there are only three episodes left. Gustin may have a chance to play a lot of evil in those episodes, but it’s far less than Teddy Sears or Tom Cavanagh got when they were villains on the show.

What excites you about this reveal? Is there anything that frustrates you? Share some of your thoughts below!

Meanwhile, click here to see a preview for what is coming up next. (Photo: The CW.)

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