Game of Thrones season 7 using even more high-security methods

Game of Thrones season 7Game of Thrones season 7 is premiering on HBO this summer, and it may very well be the most-guarded series on television. Think about it — not only do you have fans of the series eager to know how things are going to transpire in the wake of Daenerys crossing over to Westeros, but you also have fans of the book series. There are effectively two different audiences that the show has to appease, and it goes without saying that this poses enormous challenges trying to keep things secret. There are paparazzi who watch over filming, forums that track interactions with the cast, and people who are out to do even worse things when it comes to the script.

We obviously wish that it wasn’t the case — remember the days when people weren’t so eager to get everything ruined for them the moment that they want it to be so? — but that is the situation that we’re in at present.

What we can tell you about now are the full extent of the precautions that are being taken right now to ensure that matters pertaining to the show are not ruined for anyone. Speaking to Fabulous Magazine, Nathalie Emmanuel (who plays the part of Missandei) made it clear just what sort of process she and the other cast members are going through even to do work on the show now:

“They won’t send it to us unless our emails have a two-step verification [security process]. You might get given rehearsal notes on set, but you have to sign for and return them before you leave. If you don’t, people will chase you until you give them back!”

To think, however bad the security measures are now, they will likely get worse before the series ends when you think for a minute about how the measures have only intensifies from one season to the next. Season 8 is the final one for the show, after all, so there will be even more spoiler-hunters out there desperate to figure things out. The good news is that even if these people have their way, we have a difficult time imagining that they are going to be able to ruin anything when it comes to the show. It’s beloved as it is, and no amount of outside interference should scare anyone off from the ending.

If you are interested in securing some further Game of Thrones season 7 news, we recommend heading over to the link here right now! (Photo: HBO.)

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