Chicago Fire season 5 episode 20 sneak peek: Anna, Severide look for joy

Chicago Fire season 5 episode 20 sneak peekWe have a new Chicago Fire season 2 episode 20 sneak peek below in anticipation for Tuesday’s episode, and it’s about love. Unfortunately, it’s almost another heartbreaking reminder of the brevity of life, and how it’s possible that something so great could be taken from Kelly Severide just when it was starting to feel normal.

At the end of this past episode, Taylor Kinney’s character convinced his girlfriend Anna (Charlotte Sullivan — read our recent interview with her here) to go back to Chicago Med in order to get treatment for her cancer, which is spreading to her bones. She is trying to stay optimistic and hopeful in this sneak peek (via TVInsider), but understandably that’s a difficult thing to do. That’s why much of the purpose of this sneak peek is about distraction. Specifically, Casey seems invested in trying to find a way to keep Anna’s mind distracted for a moment or two away from what’s going on. He brings her in burgers, and tells her a thing or two about things that are going on with his job. In his mind, he’s simply trying his best to be a good person and keep some of the demons at bay.

Unfortunately, there are moments in here where this is impossible given her state, but we do think it says a lot about Anna that even when she herself is in peril, she is spending the bulk of her time wanting to hear about Severide’s work and give input on some of the people that he is dealing with. If she goes, this is in part what is going to make it all the more heartbreaking.

No matter what happens, the big thing that we know is that Anna’s been a very important character for Severide both in terms of being a love interest and in terms of furthering along his story. Through her, he may have learned such things as more humility and compassion for others. He’s a much better person coming out of this relationship — we want to see him be a better person with her, but everything is already set in stone there.

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