Jimmy Kimmel tears up discussing son’s birth, makes appeal to Congress (video)

KimmelComing into today, we had no idea that the most powerful television moment of 2017 so far was going to come from Jimmy Kimmel. Yet, here we are discussing something that will make almost everyone out there cry no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you believe in.

During the opening for Monday night’s new episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host explained his recent absence from the show by making it clear that he and his wife were welcoming a new child into the world — while this should have been tremendous news, their world was rocked when mere hours after his birth, they learned of a serious heart problem that greatly impacted his ability to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

From here, Kimmel embarked on a lengthy, emotional journey that involved many doctors and nurses fighting to keep his son Billy alive. In the end, the child was able to recover and start on the road to a happy, healthy life. Yet, there were clearly many bumps along the way and you can see Kimmel be shaken with emotion as he talks the experience and reads out loud the names of every doctor who helped save his son’s life.

In the end, Jimmy them makes an impassioned plea to Congress to further ensure that preexisting conditions remain a part of any potential new health care coverage, citing the need for people less fortunate to have the opportunity for their child to live and have a happy life. The thought of any parent having to make a choice because they simply cannot afford to save their child is terrifying. Kimmel brought this to the surface in a way that was personal, and made it more about having a hard than belonging to a political party.

If you watch this video, we hope that you see more of Kimmel’s humanity, and understand further the importance of what he is talking about here. It’s a moment that transcends late-night, and further make it clear precisely what sort of relationship is formed between the late-night host and the viewers. They become a part of your life and a key cog in your routine, and there is a reason why you welcome them into your home. This has never been more evident than here.

We don’t know what else to say beyond that our hearts are with Kimmel and his entire family as they continue to move forward together. (Photo: ABC.)


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