First Outlander season 4 ‘casting’ news goes to the dogs

Outlander season 4 'casting'Who’s doing for some early Outlander season 4 ‘casting’ news? Even though filming for this batch of episodes presumably will not happen until later this year (they are still, after all, working on season 3), the network unveiled some rather adorable new guest stars in the form of puppies on their Twitter account today!

Specifically, two pups have been cast to play Young Ian’s dog Rollo on the upcoming season — the reason why these pooches were cast so far in advance is largely a matter of finding the right look, and then embarking on the right training regimen. It’s almost like selecting a person as a baby to play a specific character years down the line; there is a lot of training that goes into it. By the time filming actually begins for season 4, these dogs will be much bigger and capable of doing the job perfectly. (Hopefully, we don’t go barking mad in the meantime … we’d hate ourselves for the terrible pun, but Starz did it too! We’re not above the silliness.)

It’s already been confirmed that from a TV perspective, John Bell has been cast to play the part of Young Ian a.k.a. Ian Fraser Murray, who is the son of Ian and Jenny. He has an important role to come in season 3 and beyond, so this is just something further to look forward to. The reasoning for calling him “Young Ian” is largely a matter of distinction. After all, you don’t want to create any confusion between him and his father!

Production on season 3 of the show will be wrapping at some point in June, and there is already some location scouting underway for next season as there are many new places that the show will need to recreate. From a writing / production side of things, we figure that some of that work will start to get rolling in the weeks that follow the cast and crew’s time in South Africa. If you’ve missed it, the Outlander season 3 premiere is going to air this September on Starz.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want some additional news right now when it comes to the show. (Photo: Starz.)

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