Scorpion season 3 episode 23 sneak peek: Walter prepares to see Paige

Scorpion season 3 episode 23 sneak peekIn the Scorpion season 3 episode 23 sneak peek below, we have what is effectively the beginning of the aftermath for Walter and Paige. We saw Walter fire her, and apparently she hasn’t been around much sense other than official wedding stuff.

Here’s where things get awkward — it’s been weeks since he fired her in this preview. Paige has been set up at her new job, and Walter tries to insist to both Cabe and Happy that this is going to be okay and not awkward at all. Our feeling is that it’s going to be VERY awkward. No matter how much money Paige is receiving elsewhere, the team was where the majority of her friends were. These people cared for her, so it’s going to be strange suddenly being there and feeling like an outsider.

If there is some good news, we know that Walter still loves Paige, and he’s apparently going to be telling her that at some point. Unfortunately, given that it’s been so long at this point we don’t even know how receptive she’s going to be to hearing this news. We’re not sure we’d be altogether game for it personally if we were in her shoes since she’s started to get accustomed to another new normal, only to have the rug pulled out from under her yet again. We have to imagine that this is frustrating, and we’re not sure that there is any other word for it. The biggest thing that you want more so than anything else is a sense of stability, especially when you are Paige and you have a child to also think about.

This sneak peek does not actually feature Paige, but it makes it clear she’s coming right around the bend. What it does feature is another reminder that the wedding for Happy and Toby is right around the corner, and Walter wants to do everything that he can as one of her Best Men to ensure that she has the best ceremony humanly possible. That’s sweet. Unfortunately, the mood may be about to change the moment that Walter and Paige find themselves in the same room together once more.

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