NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 episode 22 review: Hetty’s gold heist solved, Deeks past haunts him again

NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 episode 22 reviewOn Sunday night the fans of NCIS: Los Angeles hoped that NCIS would find the missing gold. Last week the cliffhanger ending had Henrietta “Hetty” Lange and her former colleagues from the Vietnam War  wondering if they would ever see their stolen gold. Since it was worth millions of dollars, the importance of catching the thieves before they left the country with the gold bars became top priority

Looking for so much gold in such a short time had Agent Callen and Agent Hanna working fast. Within the first two minutes of the show, the viewers got to see the first casualties of the evening as the goons working for the thief were attacked by a gang. The explosion under a bridge was only the beginning of the action. Apparently, word on the street had every gang looking for the gold and putting the pressure on the thief to move it out of the country.

One continuous element of surprise during the show was Hetty’s former colleagues. Tough as nails and definitely not by the book, the three men caused enough commotion in their own way. The old timers used tactics that probably would be frowned up too, especially the moment when one of them stopped a criminal on the run by driving a car in front of him. The window was shattered and he rolled off the car unconscious. Never following the directions of the agents and getting into trouble repeatedly, it was some of Hetty’s colleagues that gave the NCIS team an advantage (and also a headache.)

The search for the gold offered images of Los Angeles from all over town. With so many angles to cover, the team had to be stealthy to find the gold. Being outwitted by a seasoned criminal wasn’t an option so narrowing down the search quickly was the only thing they could do. The team realized the most logical way the gold was going to be transported was on an airplane with so they headed to the airport. Finding the gold, the bad guys, and a plane ready to depart, an amazing gun battle ensued. In the end it was Hetty’s pals who saved the day riding in on motorcycles and taking the criminals out.

While the team primarily focused on the search for the gold, LAPD Detective Marty Deeks was faced with his future too. Called for a meeting, the inspector working his case once again was asking questions. As viewers might remember, she was shot and could have died. Deeks offered a confession of his killing and reasons why as she lay in his arms. Perhaps he thought she would take his secret to her grave. Unfortunately for Deeks, she recovered and now is using his secret to blackmail him for help. The twist is a moment fans didn’t see coming. Now working for the Los Angeles Police Department to help end corruption, it appears this relationship could be problematic in the future.

Remembering Assistant Director Owen Granger one final time

The sad, yet reflective ending of NCIS: Los Angeles reminded viewers why they love the show so much. Hetty made a toast with her former colleagues to Assistant Director Owen Granger and suggested that the gold recovered from the heist be used to help American veterans. A very moving moment which reminded us all that we should all help the heroes who have served our country.

We truly enjoyed this week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. Offering a balance to viewers, Sunday’s episode was well thought out. Viewers saw all the characters, witnessed a bit of mischief and watched plenty of action. It’s hard to believe the end of the season is coming. Episode grade A-.

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