Veep season 6 episode 3 review: The Georgian election

Veep season 6 episode 4 reviewGoing into this Veep season 6 episode 3 review, we knew there was a great opportunity for ridiculous antics. Why was that? It starts with sending Selina Meyer and her team overseas to Georgia in order to monitor the election going on there … and of course we mean the country as opposed to the state of the union.

The aftermath of Selina going over there was mostly insane, and also hilarious. Much of it stemmed around just how far people in power in Georgia were willing to offer Selina in order to fix the election in their favor. She received millions in offers, but ended up stumbling into heroism in the midst of flip-flopping on the election winner. In the end, we saw a her be heralded as a hero for democracy, but also someone who lost out on a huge donation. She did end up getting some cash … but the conversation rate plummeted in the midst of the country’s political unrest.

Within the country, there were a few other great moments, as well, in between getting to see what a Georgian rock concert looks like and also Selina’s interactions with Jonah, where she threatened to completely destroy him in the way of his vote. (We gotta be honest here — we get where Selina is coming from in this instance since the guy helped to cost her everything that she wanted.)

Even outside of Georgia, we had some classic moments courtesy of Amy getting herself hitched (or we suppose engaged) to the wrong wagon, and Dan being a total heel about her relationship in an interview on his new show. Somehow, through three episodes Veep is making this rather scattershot approach to comedy work. We’re jumping through so many different periods and places, and while it’s not ideal that we don’t get to see everyone together, at the same time the writers manage to figure it out. We have just enough of everyone, and we can’t even believe that we’ve yet to mention Gary and Mike accidentally voting in the election just because they had no clue what they were doing.

While we wouldn’t consider this episode as hilarious or as brilliant in terms of satire as the ones beforehand this season, this was still a solid half-hour for Veep. Now, we just how that more of the characters will start to come together soon. Grade: B.

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