Silicon Valley season 4 episode 2 review: PiperChat’s problem

Silicon Valley season 4 episode 2 review

In kicking off our Silicon Valley season 4 episode 2 review, there’s one thing we have to say: Did you see this coming from Dinesh?

Well, in the aftermath of being named the official CEO of PiperChat at the end of this past episode, Dinesh’s ego started to run rampant. He bashed Richard on national TV, took away his access to the software, and did everything that he could in order to undermine his authority.

Where things got interesting is that it was actually Richard who actually bailed Dinesh out in the end. There was a series of problems that PiperChat came into, but one of the biggest ones was that there were many children under the age of 13 who were using the product. As a result of that, he was in violation of COPPA to the extent of $21 billion. Clearly, this is going to be the sort of thing that could shut down the company before it even gets going. Because of the things that Dinesh did in disclosing information to Jared, he could be personally liable rather than having it be the responsibility of the corporation.

Interestingly, a solution to the problem seemed to come almost out of nowhere…

The Jack Barker feud

Shouldn’t Gavin want to work with Jack Barker? He did hire him to help shape the future of Hooli with him, but he cannot handle another king taking over his castle.

In the wake of all of this, there was also a traitor in the midst at Hooli trying to hilariously push the two parties even further apart. However, what this traitor did say was that Jack was on PiperChat trashing the company … which meant that Gavin wanted to set a meeting with the guys. They thought that he wanted to buy the company, which would spare him all of the humiliation.

Instead, what Gavin decided was that he was going to threaten him over PiperChat — he gave him five seconds to turn it over to him, claiming that he had “stolen” the technology. Basically, Dinesh ended up handing Gavin over magic beans … though these magic beans carried with them billions of dollars in fines.


So Dinesh isn’t the leader that he thought that he was. We do feel for the guy, but he also kind of had it coming. We do think that this episode was very fun, mostly because of the ridiculousness that unfolded. Erlich gave Jian Yang a great deal for octopus, thinking that it was Oculus; meanwhile, the episode ended with Gavin freaking out over realizing what Dinesh had given him. Grade: B+.

What is coming up next on Silicon Valley?

If you want to see a preview for what was coming up, be sure to head over to the link here right now! (Photo: HBO.)

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