Elementary season 5 episode 22 spoilers: Lucy Liu directs ‘Moving Targets’

Elementary season 5 episode 22Are you excited to see Elementary season 5 episode 22? There are some reasons to be, including Lucy Liu directing the hour! Technically, “Moving Targets” is the fourth episode to be directed by the series regular — she tends to helm one a season, and this is the second straight season in which she’s done so reasonably close to the finale.

As for what the story for this hour is going to be about, let’s just say that it involves a subject in reality TV that we know a thing or two about.

Elementary season 5 episode 22 synopsis – “When a reality show contestant is murdered, Holmes and Watson zero in on another competitor as a suspect, a former war criminal who may be the most skilled killer they’ve ever pursued. Also, for the first time since he attacked Sherlock, Shinwell reaches out to Joan to ask for a favor.”

The thing that we wonder about with this case is largely just what sort of reality show this is to have contestants on it that include a former war criminal. don’t these people have any potential screenings? Maybe this is like a Top Shot or one of those shows where technical proficiency in a given skill is a huge emphasis.

Beyond all of that, one of the things that is immediately interesting to us in discussing this case is discussing further the appearance of Shinwell at this point. What role is he going to have in the endgame of this season? If he was not important, we have a feeling that the producers would have gotten rid of him by now. Whether or not he remains an asset or an adversary in some way remains to be seen.

Liu is going to have to direct herself clearly within this episode, which she should be rather used to given that this is something that she’s done before. As a whole, we’re mostly just excited to see this unfold because it’s such an unusual premise for an episode, and we hope that this marks the writers continuing to try to ensure that the show goes out on a high note. Remember for a minute, after all, that there are only a few more episodes to go potentially for the whole series.

What are you hoping to see on Elementary season 5 episode 22 when the show comes on the air? Share some of your hopes and expectations below!

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