Billions season 2 finale spoilers: Axe’s surprising news and more

Billions season 2

Are you curious in getting some of the first Billions season 2 finale spoilers? We’ve got some further details courtesy of Showtime. With that said, they’re not being all that interested in giving a whole lot away in advance.

The first thing that we’ll give you is the official synopsis; with that said, the network is not all that interested in giving you that much more information in the latest showdown.

Billions season 2 finale synopsis – “Season 2 ends with Axe receiving unexpected news; and Chuck finalizing his long game.”

This is a show that loves to slowly let things simmer before they come to a boil, and with that, we have to hope that this marks the opportunity for everything to begin its slow descent into utter insanity. This is a part of what makes the show great — when chaos comes, you’ve become so invested in the characters that it really means something. Consider this in contrast to some of the other shows out there that really go overboard when it comes to giving you shocking OMG moments at the end of every episode. Over time, you start to become numb to them and they really don’t matter anymore.

Given that Billions already has a season 3 renewal, we’re also hoping that there is some sort of epic cliffhanger ending coming that sets the stage for even more intrigue down the road. We’ve said this before, but we hope that there is some dramatic shakeup in the finale, one that ensures that the third season picks up with Axe and Rhoades in a very different position than what they were in during the majority of the show’s second season. You have to keep changing the game, and we don’t want to see Billions repeating themselves by any means.

Promo – This is where you get a little more in the way of actual content … at least in the form that Axe is in trouble. The rest of this is all about hype and suspense, putting all of the pieces on the table before Damian Lewis’ character receives the warning.

In some ways, this is setting the table, though to be honest much of the entire season has been setting the table in one shape or form. We enjoy the series’ method of storytelling, but no doubt that puts added pressure on them to deliver in the end.

The one thing specifically we’re most excited for? What comes next for Taylor, given that this character’s arc has been one of the most remarkable on the season.

What do you want to see on the Billions season 2 finale? Share in the comments! (Photo: Showtime.)

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