Line of Duty season 4 finale: Did Roz Huntley kill Timothy Ifield?

Did Roz Huntley kill Timothy IfieldDid Roz Huntley kill Timothy Ifield on Line of DutyThe season 4 finale on BBC One took on that question and did so masterfully.

Going into the final episode of the season, it looked as though Roz did everything in her power in order to pin the murder on her husband Nick. She was vicious in doing so, and Nick tried to insist over the course of the start of the episode that he did not even know Ifield. It didn’t matter whether or not investigators claimed that he had the motive, the means, or the opportunity.

Unfortunately for Roz, her biggest flaw over the course of the entire season was underestimating AC-12 as a crime-solving powerhouse. This group is especially adept at being able to find the truth in the midst of difficult times, and there was no difficult time than this given just how much Roz tried to cover everything up. In the end, though, she did find herself confessing to her crime, but stated that she did so as a result of self-defense.

Here’s where things get a little bit interest — Roz decided that she was not going to go down alone, and made it clear that there were people pulling strings on such a higher level than her. James Lakewell found himself under arrest after Roz revealed her own role in setting up the frame job for Michael. Beyond that, Hilton was the head of the snake even more so than him. There was certainly a moment where we thought that Jamie was going to cause a mass shootout within the police building, but eventually he was put into handcuffs.

The biggest takeaway from this finale is simply this — nothing is ever cut and dry. While Roz did a terrible thing, she was driven out of a sense of fear and danger. She did what she felt was best in the moment, though you can certainly quibble with her cover-up. Kudos to the writers for doing a stupendous job of creating this story and setting in motion twists that date back all the way to the show’s first season. This accomplished so much more than we thought that it was going to entering the episode.

Let’s hope all of this satisfied you, given that you now have to wait until 2018 at least for new episodes.

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