Doctor Who season 10 episode 3 review: The monster’s not under the ice

Doctor Who season 10 episode 3 reviewWe begin this Doctor Who season 10 episode 3 review by entering the deep. We went back in time, and saw a creepy adventure to boot.

The world was frosted over in 1814 — or, at the very least, the River Thames was. The Doctor and Bill traveled in the Tardis to the time period, where they started to learn a little bit further about a terrifying creature that existed there. Effectively, there was something that was pulling people through the ice.

As usual, the costuming and the locations were top-notch over the course of the episode, but we also saw plenty of emotional moments to go along with it. Just remember for a moment here that we saw Bill experienced many different terrors within this world that she had not beforehand. For example, she had to see someone die, and she also had to experience racism on a deeper, uglier level than she has potentially in 2017. (We at least hope that this is something she doesn’t experience much.)

As a response to said racism, though, watching The Doctor punch a dude in the face was all sorts of exciting. It may be our single favorite moment of the season.

On a more critical note, the episode tonight took a long time to get to the central dilemma of the episode — the creature underneath the ice was not so much the villain. The people were the villain. This was a story about the corruption of humanity in our eyes more so than it was your typical monster story. There were many good people (there often are in life), but there are also some terrible ones. This monster was suffering in a way, and it was the duty of The Doctor and Bill in order to figure out a way to resolve what was happening both underneath and above the water at the same time. This was The Doctor and Bill at their most creative, being resourceful and finding ways to aid humanity. Also, we had really cool underwater suits that was somewhat reminiscent of BioShock.

Aside from the creative story, “Thin Ice” tonight cemented a little bit further just how strong the Doctor / Bill connection in. Pearl Mackie was the perfect casting for this show — she has some of the wide-eyed enthusiasm of Clara Oswald, but she also challenges The Doctor in new ways and asks obvious questions that really should have been pondered long ago.

In the end, the “monster” was able to find freedom, the ice was broken up, and The Doctor and Bill got a little cold water in the face. The day was save, and both characters were able to feel a sense of heroism in the end.

Overall take

Another exemplary Doctor Who episode — while the first three this season were all imperfect in their own way, we also do think that they brought some great things to the table and were entertaining. Grade: B+.

What’s coming on Doctor Who from here?

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