Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale details: Alex, Meredith make decisions

Grey's Anatomy season 13 finale detailsSome of the first Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale details are starting to emerge, and it shouldn’t shock anyone that big moments are coming.

Specifically, some of thee big moments are going to pertain to the characters of Meredith and Alex as they forge out what their future is going to hold. According to SpoilerTV, Alex in particular is going to face a tough decision with it comes to Jo. Could this involve her estranged (and dangerous) husband? There are reasons out there right now to wonder if that could be the case, given that we know already that Matthew Morrison is going to be appearing later this season in a mysterious role thought to be the character. We don’t quite understand why ABC isn’t just coming out and saying what role he’s going to be playing, but that’s their own decision to make.

As for Meredith, prepare for Ellen Pompeo’s character to pass along “big news” to Nathan. It’s a little early to know what that is, but we do wonder if it involves their relationship in some capacity. One other possibility here is that Owen’s sister is somehow still alive, and that is information that he certainly would want to know … even if that puts Meredith in a challenging spot given some of the feelings that she has for Riggs.

Beyond all of this, we also know that a dangerous situation will erupt at the hospital when a patient escapes their room and puts many of the doctors in a compromising position. We don’t think that this is a redux by any means of what happened with the shooting, but it feels like we’re encroaching on some reasonably familiar territory with what’s being planned and plotted out here. Doctors are equipped to help people in need; it’s a little bit of a different situation when there is someone at the hospital with a capacity or an interest in hurting others.

As for whether or not there could be a cliffhanger going into season 14, there’s no word on that one way or another. We just know that this is Grey’s Anatomy, and with that in mind, you have to know that such things are going to be possible.

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