Blue Bloods season 7 episode 21 review: The Russian connection

Blue Bloods season 7In starting off this Blue Bloods season 7 episode 21 review, there is one thing that we can say: Danny Reagan doesn’t play well with others. He’s figured out to do it with Baez over time, but he doesn’t always follow the rules; he gets the job done, sometimes to the chagrin of others.

When he learned during tonight’s episode that one of his main responsibilities was going to be working with some Russian operatives who weren’t always cooperative in the first place, he wasn’t happy. He was even unhappier when these said operatives wanted to go out and have dinner rather than dive right in to all of the finer points and intricacies of the case. Let’s just say that it took them some time to be functional, and even then it wasn’t like their collaboration was perfect.

Ultimately, the operatives were useful in solving the case, but not without getting themselves shot and injured in the process. Eventually, the two took off without seeing a doctor … and with one of them seemingly hitting on Baez in the process.

As for some other stories this week…

Separation of church and state

Frank found himself in a very difficult position when an incident at a bagel shop made it seem as though the NYPD had the back of a Christian man more so than a Muslim. This specifically upset the Mayor, given the Sanctuary City designation that New York City had.

Even though Frank may be Catholic, he still found himself in a difficult spot where he had to take on the Archdiocese. He didn’t want to do it, but eventually the two had to come to an arrangement. Consider this some classic Frank Reagan storytelling, but it actually ended a little bit closer in the night than we first thought that it would.


This was a very solid episode, even though the story for Erin and Anthony regarding evidence tampering didn’t hold up as well amidst the other two. That’s mostly just a function of us not getting a lot of time to see it play out as opposed to some of the other stories, though we will say Erin refusing to give a prosecutor immunity was pretty awesome. she was able to break the man and keep him from invoking the Fifth Amendment again.

As for Jamie and Eddie, we miss them. We know that Jamie at least will be coming on the show again soon in a larger capacity. Oh, and the family dinner tonight felt a little bit tacked-on, though we suppose the talk of immigration and identity was meant to relate somewhat to the Frank story a little bit earlier in the episode. Grade: B.

(Photo: CBS.)

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