Scorpion season 3 spoilers: A deeper look at Happy – Toby wedding

Happy - Toby weddingScorpion season 3 episode 23 is airing on Monday night, and at its center it is an event many have been waiting for: The Happy – Toby wedding. This marks a great opportunity to see the culmination of two years of buildup, and a ceremony that (hopefully) is going to bring some people together. For Walter and Paige specifically, we know they need to come up with some sort of resolution following Walter’s reckless and emotionally-driven decision to fire her following what he learned on this past episode.

Basically, the video below is your look inside the big wedding before it comes on the air. Within this, you get to hear from Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, and many other members of the cast about the big occasion and buildup. There is going to be plenty of romance in the episode — and you can even get a sense of what the wedding will look like below!

In all honesty, we’re actually somewhat surprised that CBS is giving away this much of the wedding in advance. We’re going to write about thanks to them putting it out there, but we thought for a time that they would want to keep something a secret in terms of whether or not this ceremony could actually happen. With that being said … we’re certainly thrilled to know that this isn’t some big fake-out and the wedding will happen. Can you imagine Twitter if that was the case?

One of the most interesting things that could unfold from here is simply seeing more of what happens after the ceremony takes place. Does having a married couple on Team Scorpion change anything? Do Happy and Toby feel even more secure together, and will this cause Walter or Paige to rethink anything? We do rather like that there are two more episodes coming this season, given that this offers up a chance to explore the married vs. engaged dynamic even further. One of the big things to remember is that the two-episode finale event is going to be about the honeymoon, but with a big twist since it ends up becoming Swiss Family RobinsonScorpion style as all of the characters find themselves in a situation where they’re trapped on an island together for weeks on end. Don’t you think that will give Walter and Paige something to talk about if they are still hesitant for whatever reason after this episode?

For more news on the Scorpion wedding, just be sure to visit this link!

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