Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20 sneak peek: Elizabeth, Henry check in

Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20 sneak peekIn preparation for Sunday night, we’ve got a Madam Secretary season 3 episode 20 sneak peek that boils thing down to family. In the midst of all of the international crises and doomsday cults that may be going on with the show at the moment, Elizabeth and Henry McCord still have to think about their family, and some of the various issues that they have to deal with on the home front.

In the latest sneak peek below, you have an opportunity to check out one of them as the two parties do their best to deal with everything professional and person going on. Neither party seems to be having all that great of a deal. For Elizabeth, she’s still fighting to handle everything from Jay being taken to a manhunt in the episode; meanwhile, Henry will be looking to sniff around the aforementioned doomsday cult while they work on an attack in Israel. Suffice it to say, both parties are going to have their hands full, and are going to be looking towards each other to get a little bit of relief.

Alas, Bess learns over the course of the sneak peek that there is a problem at home that will need to be attended to in regards to Jason — him being less-than-honest when it came to the price of a calculator. He made it clear that he needed a rather exorbitant sum of money (at least for the product), but when Henry asked the teacher, he later learned that it only cost $27. This raises all sorts of questions as a result, especially in terms of what he really needed the money for and why he chose to hide it. The fact that he did is the part that causes some worry, since it makes you think that it is something that the two of them may not have approved of.

Is it a little frustrating that he’d keep a secret of this magnitude from them? Sure, but it’s not a huge surprise given that we’re talking here about a teenager who is going to be a little bit of reckless. He just has a larger spotlight on him because of who his parents are.

If you do happen to be interested in getting a further preview now for this Madam Secretary episode, we’ve got some quick advice for you — head over to the link here! (Photo: CBS.)

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