Sweet/Vicious season 2 still possible; creator wants new home

Sweet/Vicious season 2Yesterday, the news was first handed down about Sweet/Vicious being canceled at MTV. While we didn’t like the decision, we understood it — the ratings were poor, so much so that the network couldn’t justify keeping it even if there were buzzworthy elements to the series. The show was about two young women in Julies and Ophelia who took it upon themselves to become vigilantes taking down sexual predators at a college campus. It exposed true-to-life issues while generating discussions along the way, and it had a tone that was unique unto itself.

Yesterday, we shared the initial news about the cancellation, and also a statement from MTV on the subject. Today, we’re making it clear that the show’s creator is not giving up just yet. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson had the following to say:

“Whatever happens with Sweet/Vicious, we are actively going to try and find another home for it … We as a creative team and the actors, we all stand by the show. We love the show. As disappointing as this decision is, we’re always going to tell these stories and we’re always going to fight. We hope that no one takes this decision [to mean] their story doesn’t matter, because that’s just simply not true.”

Is it possible that this show actually will find a home where it can shine? We do think so, even with the low season 1 ratings. All it really needs is a platform where young people are constantly watching shows, and a marketing initiative that gets the word out there. A great example of this is Netflix and 13 Reasons Why. Maybe you take this to a streaming service specifically arguing that this can be for them what 13 Reasons Why was for Netflix in a socially-conscious, unflinching series? It’s also possible that making this move enables you to be a little bit darker, and make some bolder decisions with some of your programming that you may have shied more away from otherwise.

We figure that the search for a new home will constitute the next month or two. Following that, we may get a little more of a better sense as to what is in the cards for the series.

What do you think: Is there a good Sweet/Vicious season 2 home out there, or are the low ratings going to be too much for the series to overcome in the end? Share below!

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