How do NCIS Spoilers impact viewers? Are too many details being revealed?

NCIS spoilers have become something of a tradition for viewers of the popular CBS show. New photos, nuggets of information and maybe even a hint of what might happen in the next episode can typically be found on the web a few days prior to the air date. While some fans are thrilled for the update, other viewers are finding the ritual almost too much of a tease making it harder to wait until Tuesday night.

NCIS spoilers have true fans stalking the web

NCIS spoilers aren’t necessarily spoiling anything, at least for the most part. Fans who watch the show every week are rarely thrown off by a twist or turn in the story (it happens, but not that often). Instead the spoilers, published before the episode in the form of synopses and promos, give fans just another reason to tune in as fans want to be engaged with the show more than one night a week.

The impact of NCIS spoilers might be the perfect way to hold on to the excitement for the next episode. It’s not always easy to wait for one of the most popular TV shows. Add that friends and family who have already heard about your theories for the upcoming week might not be willing to hear again, especially if it’s Wednesday morning. Those NCIS spoilers offer a fresh look to the week ahead, provided that they are not giving the entire episode away. These are the spoilers nobody wants.

NCIS spoilers rarely ruin the episode

The funniest thing I’ve ever heard about NCIS spoilers came from a fan who gave her take on the subject. She suggested that spoilers don’t really spoiling anything because you are really watching the show to see the handsome Agent Gibbs over the outcome of the case. She pointed out that nobody can adequately explain how he good he looks. Her comment made me laugh, but it’s true. People can suggest what might be happening in the weeks ahead, but that doesn’t mean it’s ruined. I’ve never seen a NCIS spoiler that offered up a new Agent Gibbs rule. In addition to the crimes, NCIS fans enjoy the subtle details, dialog and visual look of all the action – those are never part of the so-called spoilers.

Should you read up on what is happening next (a.k.a. spoilers?) Why not? It’s all part of the experience of watching the best show on Tuesday night. Agent Gibbs would probably approve provided that you’re still showing up to watch the show!

Speaking of spoilers, you can watch a sneak peek for Tuesday’s NCIS episode over here.

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