NCIS: New Orleans: 3 interesting facts viewers learned about New Orleans from the show

NCIS: New OrleansViewers of NCIS: New Orleans tune in every Tuesday night to see what’s happen in New Orleans. The streets of the city are a little safer with Agent Pride and his team looking into crime in the area, but fans learn so much more about New Orleans too. There seems to be a well of positive material to highlight this community and fans couldn’t be more excited.

NCIS: New Orleans is different than the other cities highlighted in the NCIS series. The southern hospitality is mainstay in many of the scenes. Agent Pride is always referencing how things are done in the area (and typically it’s a little different than Virginia or Los Angeles.) He’s never easy on criminals and Pride always comes to strong conclusions, but the background of New Orleans is presented equally as part of the story. If you’ve never been to New Orleans (or only been there on a limited basis), the delight of learning facts about the area as well as following the story is twice is exciting. This year there was some new details about the community shared with the fans.

Here are three of our favorites:

1. King cake. Yep, Agent Pride’s nickname is King too. Coincidence? I have no idea. However, this idea of hiding a small, plastic baby inside a pastry is intriguing. Typically seen in New Orleans around the celebrations of Mardi Gras, this yellow, green and purple pastry is a specialty of the area. As for that baby, whomever gets the kid in their piece of pastry is responsible to host the next party.

2. Harahan, Louisiana is a suburb of New Orleans. If you are a fan of NCIS: New Orleans, you know why this is important. On the show the office is in New Orleans, nestled in a building on St. Ann street between Bourbon and Royal, but there is more to that location than meets the eye. In life, the studio where the show is taped is a little farther out from the French quarter in Harahan.

3. New Orleans musical acts. The CBS show seems to blow out the speakers every chance it gets to share music from New Orleans. It’s a wonderful introduction to some of the local artists and new sounds that typically most of America wouldn’t hear. The exposure is great for the artists and good for the fans too, and we can’t wait to hear what music might be revealed next.

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