NCIS season 13 episode 22 promo: First look at ‘Beastmaster’

NCIS season 13 episode 22 promoBased on the NCIS season 13 episode 22 promo released this week by CBS, it certainly seems as though things are getting wild for Gibbs.

This episode is entitled “Beastmaster,” and this is certainly the most rustic case that we’ve had a chance to see Mark Harmon’s character take on since earlier this season with “Off the Grid.” The story here features a guest appearance from Elisabeth Rohm as Mounted Police Sergeant May Dawson , and it sounds already like things are going to be getting a little bit crazy after the body of a Marine Sergeant is found. Based on the promo, it actually looks as though many bodies are going to be found and this could be one of those situations where tension mounts and it starts to feel as though there is some sort of a larger threat or even a serial killer on the loose.

As interested as we are in the case itself, we do reiterate our hope that this is an episode that really does celebrate the National Parks and some of their beauty. The show doesn’t need to get political in order to remind its viewers that these are great, wonderful places that should be protected, and there really are so many of them out there that aren’t getting the attention that they deserve at this point.

Beyond all of this, it’s possible that “Beastmaster” is going to be your last typical episode of NCIS for the season, especially when you remember that the installment airing after it in “Something Blue” is going to be potentially the McGee / Delilah wedding. Beyond that, you’re at the finale, and over the course of that installment we are going to have a chance to see Gibbs make some significant decisions about himself and the entire squad around him.

For now, though, let’s stick to the task at hand, and an episode that hopefully is going to have a great case to go along with some beautiful scenery and a very different style.

What do you want to see over the course of this NCIS episode? Share some of your thoughts on the subject in the comments!

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