Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Likely nominees; Ika’s anger

Likely nomineesWant to know the likely nominees on Big Brother Canada 5 this week? Let’s just say that we put Ika’s name in the title for a reason.

After at first debating as to whether or not to keep Ika and Demetres around, Kevin seemed to settle into nominating the two after talking to everyone in the house. He then went and told them about, which in turn caused both of them to be made. They seemed to be especially angry about Dre and her lack of willingness to do anything to help them. Ika’s still somewhat in the dark about how Dre has been wanting her out of the house for a little while now, and felt like she should’ve been more of an ally. Demetres is angry, as well, but Ika’s the one running around and saying to people like Jackie that they may as well get rid of her since she’ll make the house into a living hell the rest of the time that she is there.

Ultimately, it’ll be interesting to see what the house does here this week. Ika is a bigger threat to win the jury since she’s perceived more as the puppetmaster of her alliance with Demetres; yet, he is a much bigger competition threat and could win his way there. At first we said that it was better to take him out, but the more we’ve thought about it, the more we’ve started to realize that Demetres’ biggest strengths aren’t as applicable to some of the mental competitions at the end. A player like Kevin should be cognizant that jurors like Sindy and Neda are not going to be bitter, and will vote for whoever they think played the best game. Therefore, take out Ika here while you have the chance and save Demetres for down the line. He may be fairly malleable after this week.

Oh, and don’t blame Kevin for being unaware of a triple eviction. There’s no way to be prepared for that!

The nominations are likely to come later tonight, and there’s also apparently going to be a party following some sort of silly task that took place in the house today. Hopefully at some point along the line there’ll be some good drama given all of the threats that Ika is putting out there about calling out Dre.

If you missed it … be sure to check out our exit interview featuring Bruno from earlier in the day! We’ll be back tomorrow for sure with more on the Veto players. (Photo: Global.)

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