The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: Who has a big secret?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWho has a big secret on The Blacklist season 4? There are many characters across the board that have fit that distinction, but this one’s a surprise.

Apparently through everything, it is none other than one Harold Cooper who has chosen to still keep something under a heavy lock and key from the remainder of the team. For now, it’s not entirely clear precisely what this said something is. What we can give you, at least for now, is the following quote from executive producer Jon Bokenkamp (via Entertainment Weekly) in terms of what to expect from this big reveal:

“I feel like I’m repeating myself, but in a show about secrets, Cooper definitely has a very big secret that we’re going to be unpacking before the end of the year … That will change the trajectory of the show in a way. He’s got an ace that he’s holding.”

There are a number of different things that excite us about Cooper holding back a secret, but the biggest one is probably just that it’s more great material for someone we feel doesn’t get enough great scenes sometimes. This is one of the challenges that does come often with having a really big cast, including a number of people who are villain-types with difficult motives to figure out. Ultimately, it makes sense that someone with Cooper’s history and time working with characters both good and bad that there was a little something that he was keeping to himself. One of the more exciting mysteries to like come out of this is just how this said secret ends up impacting everyone else on the show.

Remember that in the end, there are only a few more episodes to come this season before the finale, and through that, one of the biggest things we’re expecting is a showdown with Mr. Kaplan. Most of the rest of the story at the moment remains a mystery. It’s an exciting one, especially in terms of there will be a cliffhanger given that the status of The Blacklist season 5 remains unclear.

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