Once Upon a Time season 6 spoilers: Rumpelstiltskin’s dilemma

RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin has always been a character at the center of many great moral dilemmas on Once Upon a Time, and as a result of that, we have a hard time thinking that anyone is going to be surprised that there is another one coming.

Specifically, the one that is coming over the course of Sunday’s “The Black Fairy” relates back to the title character, and a major choice that Robert Carlyle’s character is going to find himself forced into making — is he going to want to support this woman out of an innate desire to be loved, even if she has done virtually nothing in order to deserve said love? Or, is he going to go in a little bit of a different direction and choose to fall in with some of the heroes?

In speaking about this complicated issue, show executive producer Adam Horowitz had the following to say on the subject to Entertainment Weekly:

“That’s a great question and that’s a big part of what we deal with, which is the complexity of the situation for Rumple with what he’s facing,”

Meanwhile, fellow executive producer Edward Kitsis added the following to the publication:

“I would say that as Rumple has been challenged before, once again you will see during the rest of the episodes coming up, there will be sides and he’ll have to pick one, and it will be a very hard decision.”

Whatever Rumple decides in the end, though, it is probably going to make for some further compelling drama … which we do like to think is what almost every single fan out there of Once Upon a Time really wants. You want to have some new and exciting ways to be entertained, and some opportunities to have a little bit of fun with some of these characters. Let’s just see precisely what the future holds here both in terms of this episode and beyond. Maybe there’s an outside chance that someone can figure out a way to appeal to the Black Fairy’s inner goodness. It may seem like a little bit of a longshot at this given moment, but you do have to remember that other characters have been able to turn things around before, including Rumple. It feels wrong to rule anything out.

Do you think that it’s possible that the Black Fairy could be turned good, and could Rumple be an architect behind the move? Share below!

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