Big Brother Canada 5 – Bruno Ielo interview: Talking Karen, Kevin, more

Bruno Ielo interviewGoing into this Big Brother Canada 5 – Bruno Ielo interview, the biggest that that we were hoping to get from his was some reflection. He was our preseason pick to win the game, and we thought that he was someone certainly capable of doing really well. He did in the sense that he made the jury, and he was strong, strategic, and set up fairly well at times. The fact that he’s been barely nominated in two seasons shows that he’s a dangerous player — nobody wants to take the shot against him. The problem is that when some people have made the move, he’s ultimately gone out the door as a result of it.

We only had a chance to ask Bruno a handful of questions, but you of course can take a look at his responses to them below! We do think that he provided said reflection and reminded us as to why he’s one of the best strategic thinkers out there.

CarterMatt – What is your perception of Karen’s game?

Bruno Ielo – You know, here’s the thing — I think Karen is playing a good game. People don’t understand that not being a target is what you want to do in this game. She’s not being a target. Yes, she’s being carried to the end, but that’s what you want. You don’t want to have to win anything, and you want to seem weaker. The point of the game is getting to the end, and she’s getting carried all the way to the end.

I think it’s a great strategy, I have nothing against it.

Is there any big regret that you having leaving the game at this point?

I don’t know if I’d say it’s a ‘regret,’ but maybe I wish I had pushed Sindy harder to not put Neda on the block. Even though I said ‘don’t put Neda on the block,’ I could hear it in her eyes and see it in her voice when I tried to suggest Dre and she said ‘I can’t’ [that it wasn’t going to work]. I knew at that moment that Ika’s claws where way too deep into Sindy, and she had more control of her than I did. I knew that there was nothing I could say — if I pushed too far, I would’ve pushed Sindy away.

I just had to let it happen. As sad as it was, and as bad as it was for my game, I didn’t want to be next in line for Ika if I pushed too hard.

What is the biggest thing that you think Kevin needs to do now to win the game?

He’s going to need to win some Vetoes, some HoHs, and make some deals and some moves. He has a huge uphill battle ahead of him, and I hope that he can tough it out and do it. I know that he has the talent, the skill to do it. I just hope that he can pull it off. He’s such a great player and competitor, and I’m just so honored that I got to do it again with him and be able to work with him rather than against him this time.

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