The Toy Box preview: Chromo Tag, The Walking Dinosaur, Cardtivity, ParaShoot, Grandmas2Share

Chromo TagOn Friday’s new episode of The Toy BoxChromo Tag, The Walking Dinosaur, Cardtivity, ParaShoot, and Grandmas2Share will appear. Like every other episode, one of the will get to move on with a chance of winning the toy deal at the end of the show! As for the others, let’s just say that they’ll have to go back to the drawing board. We still think this is a fun show, even if you don’t love toys or have small children.

Like we’ve done in past weeks, the following article gives you a quick understanding (courtesy of ABC) of some of the toys that are going to appear.

Grandmas2Share – multigenerational dolls that encourage family values
Inventor: Marguerite from Staten Island, New York

The idea here is that every child deserves to have a grandma, and these dolls help to replicate that feeling by giving you a plush companion with a storybook attached. It’s a fun idea to celebrate generations and ancestry, but will it stand out for the kids?

The Walking Dinosaur – a dinosaur that you can walk like a dog
Inventor: Rick from Sacramento, California

This is a cute idea, especially since kids love dinosaurs and walking one around seems like it would create a good mental image at least. The downside here is that this seems like it’d be fun for about ten minutes, but after that, we’re not all that sure.

ParaShoot – a slingshot connected to a small parachute
Inventor: Jackson from Gainesville, Georgia

We see a little more replay value out of this than any other item we’ve discusses so far, but there may be a natural aversion from some people to anything with the word “slingshot” in it.

Cardtivity – a plastic-card building system
Inventor: Steve from Randolph, New Jersey

We’ve already seen products like this over the course of the season already, which are basically new ways to convince kids to build that aren’t Lego. This one could sell well on the mass market, but we can see it being more about awareness than anything else. Also, you have to convince kids to buy it over licensed products.

Chromo Tag – a color-changing outdoor action game
Inventor: Larry and Steven from Chicago, Illinois

This was actually created by a kid, as evidenced in the game below. This seems like it’d be fun, and as a game, it’s fairly easy to explain. With that, it’s got a chance of emerging here as the winner.


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Meanwhile, head over here to get some further news right now when it comes to The Toy Box and some of the toys this season. (Photo: ABC.)

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