Supergirl season 2 spoilers: More news on Cat Grant’s return

Cat GrantWhen is Cat Grant returning to Supergirl season 2? We’ve got a little more news when it comes to that, and the episode’s air date to go along with it.

Cat’s return will be coming up on the upcoming May 15 episode entitled “Resist.” It’s not entirely clear why she is going to back for the penultimate episode, but it does make a little bit of sense that she would be back in general. She does technically still own CatCo, and while she may want to “see the world,” eventually, you do think that she would want to come back and look at what put her in this position in the first place.

Personally, we’ll never complain anytime that Calista Flockhart returns to the show. We just don’t know how often these returns are going to be, but it’s worth celebrating them every little chance that we can. (If Flockhart ever decided that she was done appearing on the show, we guess that Supergirl could write her off by just deciding that Cat was off on some sort of permanent holiday, or they could just have her stop by here and there off-camera.)

As for what else is coming in this episode, you will get a chance to see the return of Lynda Carter once more as President Marsdin, who will make another controversial decision regarding Rhea that puts Supergirl at a crossroads. She may be starting to wonder whether or not she can continue trusting her Commander-in-Chief, and that makes us wonder about the episode’s title here once more. After all, “Resist” has become a little bit of a motto as of late for the recent political movement against Donald Trump. We suppose that it’s possible that this title is a mere coincidence, but it’s hard to imagine so in the context of what we know about television writers — there are few coincidences out there.

Whatever happens within this episode will carry over to the finale, where you’ll get a chance to see another big return — Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman.

What do you want to see when it comes to Cat Grant and her return to Supergirl? Share some of your thoughts on the matter below!

Meanwhile, head over to this link to get some additional news when it comes to the show and everything coming up. (Photo: The CW.)

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