The Flash season 3 spoilers: Wentworth Miller returns, but how?

WentworthDo you want to see Wentworth Miller returning to The Flash? We certainly do, but we definitely have questions about how it’s happening.

Before getting into that, let’s give some of the official details via The CW about what is coming. You’re going to have a chance to see Miller as Captain Cold / Leonard Snart on the upcoming May 16 episode entitled “Infantino Street.” This is the penultimate one of the season, and one of the big focuses of it will be seeing a desperate Barry Allen try to figure out a way to rescue Iris with just 24 hours before Savitar’s prophecy becomes a reality. Apparently, in a last-ditch move to save the woman that he loves, we’re going to see Barry turn to Snart of all people.

Now, let’s get back to raising the question as to how this is happening. At the end of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 we saw Mick Rory restore his former partner to the original timeline, one where he would eventually die in order to save the team at the end of Legends of Tomorrow season 1. This was a huge sacrifice for him to make, but it was one that he made … but not before kissing Sara Lance. (Had to through that in there for some of the Captain Canary fans who are out there.)

Maybe there was some sort of workaround so that Captain Cold is still alive in Flashpoint? If you really want to speculate about it, maybe it’s possible in theory that Flashpoint changed something, and since Snart was put back in a timeline that was before timeline, there is now a different outcome to what happened with him. That’s enough to make our head spin, but we’re not putting it past this show since this is the sort of topsy-turvy stuff that it likes to pull.

One other thing that the writers have to consider here is not invalidate a great ending that is already there for the character. While we love Miller, we do think that the Legends of Tomorrow finale was a great way to send off the character. Mick let him go, and restored him to where the season 1 ending was intact. If you can give him something great, why wouldn’t you try to?

As for some other great villains, be sure to head over here if you want to read the latest news on Savitar, and who could be underneath that infamous suit. (Photo: The CW.)

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